Welcome to St. Paul High school

St. Paul High School welcomes international students into our community. We are in the fifth year of our program. Recent international students have applied from Argentina, Australia, China, Germany, Mexico, Philippines, Italy, Cameroon, Thailand, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

What an International Student can expect

St. Paul High School encourages international students to participe in all facets of school life. It is the St. Paul High School philosophy that all students experience a well-rounded, rigorous and diverse curriculum, and challenge themselves to become socially just individuals. Engaging in service learning, student-run clubs, sports, and the arts provides our international students with a well rounded, full immersion experience. St. Paul High School provides after school ESL classes, tutoring support, and writing workshops to support language acquisition and curricular needs.


A full time resource coordinator supports the international students at St. Paul High School. The coordinator communicates with parents, host parents, school administrators, and teachers regularly to ensure students’ academic success and emotional well-being while at St. Paul High School. Regular conference sessions, meetings and other support are available to all international students.

Academic Counselor

International students receive outstanding support in the college admissions process. The international students' counselor works with students to choose the right university to meet their goals. Student progress is carefully monitored. Recent international students' have been accepted to UCLA, Northwestern, University of California, Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, Michigan University, Syracuse University, Penn State and many others.


At St. Paul High School, we offer a college preparatory curriculum, with 12 AP courses and 14 honors level courses. All international students are required to take the required courses, including religion, P.E and the arts. (Please refer to the catalog for specific course information.).

Summer Swordsmen Institute

St. Paul High School will host our Summer Swordsmen Institute for International Students. This program is designed to assist international students pre-paring for high school in the United States. The curriculum will emphasize comprehensive reading, vocabulary, speaking, listening and writing as well as preparation for the TOEFL exam. In addition, SSI students will be exposed to western style teachers and assignments.