Application Process and Time Line

Step 1: Submit the application and pay application fee

Complete the online application form (Click here) and submit application fee of $250.

Step 2: Submit transcripts, recommendations, passport, and immunization records

St. Paul High School requires students to submit academic transcripts from the previous 3 years and two letters of recommendation. One letter of recommendation must be from an English instructor. All transcripts and recommendations must be translated into English before submission. In addition to transcripts and recommendations, the school requires applicants to submit their passport and immunization records.

Transcripts, recommendation letters, student passport, and immunication records can be emailed to and

Step 3: Interview

After a review of transcripts and recommendations, the admissions committee will determine if the student is eligible for an interview. Typically, if an interview is granted, it will take place within 5 working days of receiving the completed documents. The interview will be conducted in person or online via Skype. During the interview some students may be asked to take a reading test. After the interview process the admissions committee will again review the completed application information and make a final decision.

Step 4: Admission Decision

International students are accepted on a rolling basis. Students will typicaly be notified within 5 working days following the interview. Acceptance can be granted conditionally with the understanding that the student must complete a summer school course, attend the Swordsmen Summer Institute or the student enter a lower grade level. If accepted, an international student must reserve their spot by making a non-refundable $3000 deposit on tuition and fees within 2 weeks after their acceptance.

Acceptance Criteria

A well-qualified international applicant has a strong academic record and sufficient English language proficiency to perform well in a challenging college preparatory environment. St. Paul High School reviews all grades, recommendations and interview notes for each applicant before giving an admissions decision. St. Paul has built a strong tradition of being a High School of inclusion and asisting all students reach their academic, personal, and extra-curricular goals.  The admissions committee makes every effort to give students an opportunity to become St. Paul Swordsmen.


An I-20/SEVIS cannot be issued prior to the completion of the application process and acceptance from the admissions committee. The Department of Catholic Schools (Archdiocese of Los Angeles) will issue an I-20 SEVIS to students who have completed the application process and have been accepted to St. Paul High School. The Admissions Coordinator will work directly with the parents/guardians of the student to obtain all of the necessary documents needed for submission. The Department of Catholic Schools will only communicate and accept a complete I-20 application from the Admissions Coordinator. The original I-20 is mailed directly to the parents/guardians of the applicant through an international overnight carrier.

I20 Application Fee

The I-20 SEVIS processing fee, payable to the Department of Catholic Schools, is $750.00 for a new I-20 Applicant and $350.00 for a transferring applicant. These fees are paid to the Department of Catholic Schools and must be paid before the I-20 will be issued.